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Who is behind CASAVIONE?

Founder and owner: Harald Polster

My name is Harald Polster. I am the owner of the company CASAVIONE e.K., which I founded in January 2017. Here I describe, who is behind CASAVIONE e.K. and what did persuade me to restart my career with CASAVIONE e.K.

When I was a teenager, I started to cultivate an interest in audio and HiFi. Music was always important to me. And I still enjoy playing my grand piano, mostly boogie, blues and ragtime. Also the large picture on the screen captured me. Therefore I did design and install my own home cinema.

After having finished studies at the university as an engineer, I worked as a software developer for 8 years. There I developed large interests in easy and intuitive to use software solutions. Then I covered several positions in a company, creating software for the tool and mold making automation.

More than 10 years ago I started investigating smart building technologies. When I restored my house, it was clear that I do the planning, installation and programming with KNX on my own. Since then 'Smarthome' is my passion.

From beginning, I had decided to integrate the audio and video functionality entirely into the home automation system. Also that the family can easily control the systems. My developments achieved remarkable interest in internet forums.

With this background, with professional support, after long and intensive developments and with applying the newest software technologies, the solution did evolve, which now sets the benchmark in the operation of audio, TV and video systems.