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CASAVIONE symphonia

Music accompanies us through our life. We listen to music at all times during the day. We can better fall asleep in the evening and wake up in the morning more pleasant. With music in the bathroom, we like to start a day and on request, your favourite radio station informs about world affairs.

And if you have company, music provides the right background for your talking. Not only in your house, but also during the party in your garden.

To ensure that you can fully enjoy  the bright side of live, CASAVIONE symphonia cares about all technical issues in the background.

CASAVIONE symphonia integrates all devices into your home automation system. From your reasonably priced streamer or your multi-room audio system to your HighEnd stereo in the living room. As a result, you control your devices consistently and intuitive. And so you can enjoy your local albums, music from streaming services and radio.

Main page with your favourites

On the radio main page you directly select the station you want to listen to. Here you also open the program guide, the search or the media services or you show the programs you have already recorded.

Clear presentation of your media

On clearly designed pages, you select your music, sorted for example by genre, artist or album or via the comfortable search function.

Integrated premium-program guide for the radio

With the integrated premium program guide and the comfortable search command, you will easily find the most interesting radio show from the extensive program. Also those, which were covered by now. Experience a total new kind of media enjoyment.

Detailed information

Detailed information are provided not only for titles of your library and from streaming services, but also with internet, satellite and cable radio. Beside the artist, the song title and the album, also the lyrics and other important information are displayed.

Play or record by just one click

Play your preferred program from the program guide with just one click or record it. So you decide when you enjoy your music and you'll never miss a concert.

Navigation bar with information and volume control

The navigation area always shows what is currently playing. There you also directly select your preferred volume.