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The vital concept

For almost every audio video device of today, there is a specific app for the smart phone or tablet. Also for news services, the weather forecast and many more. But do we really want to toggle between several apps and deal with different philosophies of usage, when we want to enjoy at home nice music or a good movie?

From beginning, we had decided to integrate the audio and video functionality entirely into the home automation system. All functionality required day by day in a smart home should be provided by a single and unique application. Also that the family can easily control the systems. We want to avoid a collection of remote controls in your home, avoid the need for a large number of apps on your smart devices and eliminate the library of TV magazines on your tables.

Ease of use was on top of our list and it was always clear to us, that there must not be even a small difference in the interface or the operation, depending on the devices at the end of the line. Independent whether you control the TV in the living room, another one in the bedroom or your home cinema or whether you control the streamer for the kitchen or the HighEnd audio system in the living room, you always control the system absolutely identical.

In an intelligent way CASAVIONE symphonia and CASAVIONE cinephonia integrate your audio and video components, from the cost efficient streamer to the HighEnd-AV-system, as well as your multi room system and your home cinema installation with your home automation system. They provide an extensive range of functions for the most comfortable, daily usage in a unique user interface.

As in a symphony all musicians play together under the guidance of the conductor, your audio and video devices play together under your control with CASAVIONE symphonia and CASAVIONE cinephonia. Not only with classical music, because CASAVIONE symphonia and CASAVIONE cinephonia also rock!