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The most comfortable usage

CASAVIONE symphonia and CASAVIONE cinephonia connect your audio- and video components together and with your home control system. This includes all devices from the cost efficient streamer to the HighEnd-AV-system, your multi-room system and your home cinema installation.

So your local media, the offers of streaming services, radio and TV are available for you via an intuitive and attractive user interface, independent from the device and the room. You control your devices with the same interfaces, which you use to control your smart home. Therefore all functions are always available immediately.

Control via smartphone, tablet or touch panel

Of course, the system follows your inputs, which you enter at home or while travelling on your smartphone, tablet or on installed touch panels.

Voice control

Control your system with speech. With the world's first voice controlled KNX room controller Enertex® SynOhr® MultiSense KNX.

Push buttons

With buttons of your preferred switch range, you can run the main functions. This is very handy, when entering or leaving the room or if your tablet is currently out of reach.

Invisible switches for exceptional aesthetics

If an invisible installation is important for you, the Enertex® ProxyTouch KNX waits to be touched for example under the tiles in your bath room or your kitchen or below a table.

CASAVIONE remote Controller

The CASAVIONE remote Controller fits perfectly at your dining table or when watching TV. With this remote you have best control over your room functions as well as of your audio- and video system.

As this also works fine without looking on it, it is a perfect completion to your tablet.

Most comfortable

Looking at the details you can see how much we value ease of use. Example: In the view of TV and radio shows, all shows are marked, which are already available locally. So you don't record a show multiple times by accident. This improves the overview for you and reduces the required disk space.