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Smart Home

You already own a smart home or you want to get your future home especially smart? For sure you already know about the benefits, an object with modern technique provides to you.


Your smart home looks after your security. In emergency cases, connected smoke alarms save lives. If no one is at home, the system simulates your presence allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday.


Your smart home provides comfort. The heating system, air condition and blinds are controlled automatically. Presence detectors switch the lights on and off. Customized ambient lighting scenes add a cosy atmosphere to your home.

Energy efficiency

Your smart home helps you save energy. Room temperatures are set depending on your presence, blinds are controlled depending on the sun radiation. And the graphical view of the consumption values supports you in optimizing your energy consumption.


Your smart home provides information. It informs you of the temperature, reports about who did rang the door bell during your absence or whether there is mail in the post box. Furthermore it shows the latest news, the weather forecast, missed phone calls and much more.


Good that your smart home also provides many options to have fun with your family or your friends, to relax and to enjoy life. Here we show, how your house can help you.